Here's what our guests [happy campers] say:
  1. Eliana V.
    Eliana V.
    Camp is a place to grow in every way and a safe place to be the real you.
  2. Austen M.
    Austen M.
    I have never felt stronger in my faith than when I'm at camp.
  3. Juliana S.
    Juliana S.
    Camp has been the thing I look forward to the most about summer for the past four years. It has given me an amazing opportunity to grow in my faith and be in fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ.
  4. Brooke P.
    Brooke P.
    Camp is better than chocolate.
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Get away to south Central Texas.
There's nothing like the camp or retreat experience.

With over 200 acres of meadows, woods, creeks and a pond, Disciple Oaks Camp & Retreat is the ideal place to enjoy the heart of Texas. Whether you want to schedule your next retreat, meeting or group event, or have the comforts of an RV hookup, we offer a getaway that is just what you’re seeking. Remote enough to be a welcome break from urban life, but close enough to enjoy any weekend. Make our south Central Texas place a family or group tradition. 

We are also the summer camp facility for two areas of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) during June and July. We host camps for children and youth entering grades 3-12, as well as retreats and meetings for young adults, women's/men's groups, families and congregations. Call us today for more information and reservations: 830-437-2900.
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  1. Activity center view through trees
  2. Pond view from ampitheater
  3. Our caring camp program leaders
  4. kids, youth, lake, pond
  5. Havin' a ball at camp
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  8. Love: Painted rock says it all
  1. Our Facilities
    Campus includes Camp Gonzo Activity Center, Chalice Hills Lodge, Lindley Center, Disciple Oaks RV Park and Disciple Oaks Challenge Course and many play areas.
  2. Summer Camp Program
    We host a vibrant summer camp program during June and July. Camps for children and youth entering grades 3-12, as well as a family camp, are offered.
  3. Groups Welcome
    A great place for: Camps :: Retreats :: Conferences :: Meetings :: Reunions :: Weddings/Receptions :: Workshops :: Celebrations :: Volunteering :: Work projects
  4. Challenge Course
    Course goals are to promote cooperation and group problem-solving skills, and to develop self-confidence, leadership skills, teamwork and communication skills.